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Our Roles and Practice Areas:



Data Scientists

Network Administrators

Cisco Experts

Game Designers/Developers


UX Researcher/Designer

SEO Digital Strategist/Marketer

Enterprise Sales


Infrastructure Architect

IT Manager/ Director

DevOps Evangelist

Big Data

Software Developers

Oracle Database Administrators


V.P. of Sales

About Us/Technology Headhunters


Recruiting Awesomeness is a retained executive search firm and human resources consultancy with a singular focus:recruiting  awesome people! We provide hands-on velvet glove attention to all of our candidates, and client companies.

With a combined 20+ years of experience our technology headhunters, and executive recruiters  know that the right fit means more than a salary, and title match. We are technology headhunters, and our executive recruiters leverage cutting edge tools with classic headhunting techniques to produce positive outcomes. Our diversity recruiters consistently deliver superior results globally.. 


Highly customized solutions, and individualized attention are our hallmarks. One size does not fit all. We understand from experience that some searches or answers to HR challenges can mean a creative approach on a road less traveled by other firms. What does that mean for your organization? It means our headhunters in Orlando will gather the information needed from you, leverage business intelligence, and industry experience, craft, and implement a strategy that will deliver optimized results in a timely manner. We do not shy away from trying something new or thinking outside of the box. We are fearless..


With a proven track record in our niche industries we will not take on your project unless we can guarantee success. Our 15 month placement guarantee is unparalleled in the Human Capital space. Yes, we are that confident in our process.

Many of our candidates are thought leaders, and industry experts in their respective fields, and bring experience, ingenuity, and positive change to your organization. We also partner with candidates that are ready for the next step-up in their budding careers, and eager to make their mark, and grow with your company.


You have an employee who is just not working out, but you cannot go a day without having someone in that slot. The scenario described is especially difficult when it is a CFO, CIO or Network Administrator role. Usually these individuals oversee, and or are intimately involved in the management, and administration of your organization’s infrastructure. In such searches tact, and discretion are of the utmost importance, the right strategy is executed seamlessly as to not disrupt your organization’s modus operandi. Learn more about our Confidential Search process by connecting with us today.

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