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Our Roles and Practice Areas:



Data Scientists

Network Administrators

Cisco Experts

Game Designers/Developers


UX Researcher/Designer

SEO Digital Strategist/Marketer

Enterprise Sales


Infrastructure Architect

IT Manager/ Director

DevOps Evangelist

Big Data

Software Developers

Oracle Database Administrators


V.P. of Sales


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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A: We offer recruitment, human resources consulting, and board member selection services.


A: Our clients range from Tech startups to Fortune 1000 global corporations.


A: Yes, we personally conduct all searches, and do not outsource our engagements to third party service providers.


A: We are located in sunny Orlando, Florida.


A: We have several options ranging from a flat fee to a percentage of annual salary or cost per project.


A: Yes we have a written six month unconditional guarantee for most engagements


A: Yes, we post to over 100 job boards.


A: Yes, we work with companies globally.


A: Not typically, but will look at requirements on a case by case basis.


A: We are a niche driven boutique firm, and only accept engagements that we know we can successfully complete. Because we do turn away many assignments that are either outside of our field of expertise or are not critical to an organization it enables our Chief Awesomneers to focus on your requirement until filled.


A: Probably because we are a boutique consulting firm that works in highly specialized practice areas. Our focus is not to engage a large base of companies, but rather to provide excellence in service to a select group that can benefit from the personal attention, and dedication we provide on every engagement.


A: Yes, please fill out the form here, and a Chief Awesomneer will contact you.


A: We work onsite, and virtually.


A: All major credit cards, and bank transfers are accepted through FreshBooks.


A: Yes to all of the above.


A: Contact form here
Phone: (407) 504-2665

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